Investment in Internal Communication

Research has revealed that over the past decade, there has been a considerable increase in investments on internal communication. Companies have always wanted more and more of it. With a great concern, it has been realized that these companies have not yet met their expectations on what they invested.

It has also been realized that there is still a lot to be covered for internal communication abbreviated IC but all is not lost since the future looks bright. There are plenty of areas to be covered like for example, the concept, raising standards, building understanding and appreciation in the board room and getting the right talent.

This article seeks to center on obstacles that lead to digression to progress. These are factors that have led to companies still spending much and achieving less. If properly taken care of, there would be an improvement in

Noise and clutter

These are the two most powerful obstacles leading to in effective communication, be it internal or external. Noise increases incoherence due to badly coordinated messages channeled to employees. This comes mainly from functional leaders and others not following the proper chain of command. This results to shambles.


Internal communication has always been put aside in favor of public relations or external communication. There are few protocols and procedures concerned with internal communications when you compare it to other cooperate units. Since it is decentralized, the leaders cannot rest assured that there is effective communication flowing through the organization and when a crisis occurs, there will be the ability of communication flowing fast and consistently.

Employee's place in gaining audience

The people who bring finances and attention to the organization, (for example investors and the media) are given a higher priority as compared to the people actually running the organization. Internal communication comes one step behind external communication.


To get to higher heights in an organization, there needs to be a person in charge of internal communication who has the experience and drive to get things done. This someone has to virtually see if IC exists in the organization and calls the shots if he or she sees a discrepancy. This person has to act on his or her words and push for IC within the organization.

Lack of professionals

Although companies have realized the need to hire people who can take over IC, there is a severe shortage in professionals attached to this field. The few people who have the knowledge are retired or in the process of enrolling to receive their pensions.

So, what needs to be done in order to improve IC? Well, this narrows down to only one principal. The organization should focus on getting the right people to do their right kind of roles, train and nurture talents, get someone to serve as an inspiration and most of all, get the right amount of attention from your employer.

Article Source: Abel G Nyarangi

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